2023 – HVTT17

17th International Symposium on Heavy Vehicle Transport & Technology: Australia – 2023

Proceedings of the joint HVTT17-ICWIM9 symposium in Brisbane, Australia, 6-10 November 2023. All papers are downloadable as PDFs via the links.

The full conference programme can be downloaded here.

SessionLead authorTitleIDLink
1.1Deshpande, P.Road Freight Electrification Around the World Using Electric Road Systems1502link
1.1Hegazy, O.Zero Emission, flexible vehicle platforms with modular powertrains serving the long-haul Freight Eco System (ZEFES)3057link
1.1Hanowski, R.Towards the development of a trucking fleet concept of operations (CONOPS) for managing automated driving system-equipped trucks in mixed fleets0371link
1.2Kural, K.Automated docking of tractor semitrailer with driver in the loop via 5G teleoperation5301link
1.2Jessberger, S.Individual Vehicle Record (IVR) signature re-identification methods and new truck travel attribute results6300link
1.2Warscotte, L.Designing high speed weigh-in-motion system with local linear regression in Wollonia (Belgium) – towards direct weight enforcement9992link
1.2Wang, P.How does WIM data provide value to ITS industry?4534link
2.1Domprobst, F.Truck tire and real-life fuel consumption0454link
2.1Cider, L.Analysis of axle configuration, tire pressure, and tire temperature on fuel consumption of HCT combinations7757link
2.1Levesque, W.Introducing a novel method for measuring rolling resistance and dynamic vertical load on a semi-trailer suspension1425link
2.2Breemersch, T.Overweight vehicles: Impact on road infrastructure and safety2843link
2.2Germanchev, A.Testing of next generation wide base tyres – pavement impacts0653link
2.2Rahman, S.High-capacity transport in cities and the impact on the roads8555link
2.2Jeyamohan, K.Enhanced synergic identification of prestress force and moving force in prestressed concrete bridges5015link
3.1Michaud, R.Using Electronic Braking System (EBS) for Smart OBM7365link
3.1Sack, R.Utilising Dynamic Excursions of Mass (DEM) from On-Board Mass (OBM) systems for monitoring infrastructure and truck suspension conditions4685link
3.1Gordon, J.Smart OBM in Australia – learnings and insights8181link
3.1Hauptman, M.Determining the traffic load distribution across a large portion of the road network with short-term B-WIM measurements: A case study of the Republic of Serbia1668link
3.2Kalasih, D.Performance-based heavy vehicle driver fatigue management trial1436link
3.2Behera, A.Performance analysis of an A-Double in roundabouts using naturalistic driving data4565link
3.2Guerson, L.Perspectives on the use of Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) for road safety applications in North America9847link
4.1Franceschi, L.WIM placement on road networks: Optimization models and a proposed deployment process2789link
4.1Otto, G.Use of WIM sensors and geophones to increase the accuracy of weighing systems7485link
4.1Lewis, K.Virtual weigh-in-motion: The use of additional datasets to enhance WIM8847link
4.2Sokhetye, N.Strategies for greening cross-border road freight transport, in South Africa2648link
4.2Efrón, A.Transporting from the South America´s lithium triangle: Sustainable challenges in meeting the white gold rush5895link
4.2Ainalis, D.Decarbonising the UK’s heavy goods vehicles: Lessons from the UK for Australia1010link
5.1Abo Aish, J.E-Trailer, emission reduction based on electrically propelled trailer7578link
5.1Ghandriz, T.Benefit analysis of introducing electric propulsion on converter dollies8388link
5.1Kopplow, H.Axle design as a key factor for greening road freight transport5155link
5.2Shinohara, K.Brazilian guide for performance monitoring of HS-WIM system3639link
5.2Fučík, O.Development of a novel weighing digital sensor for further evolution of WIM technology1755link
5.2Pratt, D.Tire width-based screening at a WIM preclearance site0682link
6.1Lamb, M.Characterisation of vibration response spectra of road transport vehicles2383link
6.1Bucko, A.Investigation on dynamic loads on couplings of heavy high productivity freight vehicles6354link
6.1Hart, P.The ARTSA-i heavy vehicle brake calculator0677link
6.1Erdinc, U.Modelling of articulated heavy vehicles for computation of accurate safe operating envelope for yaw stability3004link
6.2Hill, G.Two decades of intelligent access in its birthplace of Australia – where we’ve been and where we’re going5186link
6.2Asp, T.Results from CEDR-work done around intelligent access8779link
6.2van Stekelenburg, G.Intelligent access pilot for special road transport9648link
6.2Otto, M.Lessons learned from the pilot intelligent access for special road freight transport in The Netherlands1349link
7.1Breemersch, T.History and future of EU HDV weights and dimensions policy: Insights in policy preparation5341link
7.1Elischer, M.Heavy Vehicle Access Management System (HVAMS) - Tasmania0326link
7.1Schmidt, F.Moving away from black boxes on wheels: The path to better policy information on the impact of freight transport on road assets9786link
7.2Buckley, M.Artificial intelligence. Using machine learning to monitor OSOM heavy vehicle traffic on bridges6304link
7.2Almeida, A.Cataloging method and evaluation of pavement structure stability for HS-WIM system installation1210link
7.2Kalin, J.The temperature dependence of the dynamic amplification factor3717link
7.2Moghadam, A.Towards a more practical bridge monitoring system using a novel bridge-WIM for multiple-vehicle events0001link
8.1de Pont, J.A comparison of the Australian and New Zealand approaches to PBS5839link
8.1Bucko, A.Simulations and field testing of super-single tyres for PBS7247link
8.1Saavedra, S.Auxiliary braking. A performance based standard proposal8162link
8.1Hassal, K.Australian performance based standards: Past, present and future1141link
8.2Stawska, S.Fusion of WIM and permit data7003link
8.2Shinohara, K.Structural analysis using Bridge Weigh-In-Motion (B-WIM) system7180link
8.2Hekič, D.Model updating of a multi-span highway viaduct with data from bridge weigh-in-motion sensors7667link
8.2Heywood, R.Bridge monitoring and data-driven structural asset management8888link
9.1Kharrazi, S.A review of more than a decade of research and field tests on longer vehicle combinations in Sweden that supported road approval7891link
9.1Thompson, R.High productivity freight vehicles for the physical internet0799link
9.1Coleman, M.Automating route mapping for PBS vehicles2866link
9.1Zrobek, C.Comparative analysis of truck volumes from traffic counts and probe-based data - A case study in the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region, Canada6368link
9.2Binda, P.A comparison of axle weight masses from a low-speed weigh-in-motion scale and a static weighbridge scale for the purpose of broadening law enforcement efforts1693link
9.2Otto, G.DNIT technological model for direct enforcement on Brazilian federal highways9243link
9.2Konior, T.Addressing the reliability challenges of High-Speed WIM (HS-WIM) for direct enforcement1095link
9.2Lee, D.Challenges of applying and improving WIM systems for weight enforcement in Republic of Korea9757link
10.1Hao, Z.Feasibility study on the application of modular combination vehicles in China road transport8617link
10.1Coleman, M.Improving concrete pump road safety assessment methods and standards1907link
10.1Jacobson, B.An open assessment tool for standardized performance measures of long combination vehicles5256link
10.2Jones, S.Coronavirus and road freight supply chains in Australia – impact and implications0818link
10.2Coleman, B.Farm Gate – a case study in the value of telematics and public policy discourse0435link
10.2Atkins, M.High-fidelity in-service performance evaluation of heavy goods vehicles in South Africa8717link