Christopher de Saxe

New PBS/prescriptive legislation for high performance vehicles in Uruguay

Signed by the President of the Republic of Uruguay on November 12th, the Decree N°303/2020 of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP) authorising the circulation of High Performance Road Heavy Vehicles (Vehículos de transporte de cargas de Alto Desempeño, VAD in Spanish). was published yesterday and can be accessed, in Spanish, here. In time, I hope to translate it into English and share it with you. The legislation is the result of a joint work between consultants with professional independence and proven international experience in Performance-Based Standards (PBS) and prescriptive legislation, local authorities with technical and legislative knowledge, a responsible business sector and a strong political will for the advancement of the development and implementation of a sustainable road transport legislation. Collaboration from the Inter-American Development Bank was key too. I have written a little about how this work was progressing in my September 2019 newsletter, and the...
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HVTT16 – Supplementary call for papers

Greetings all, As you are probably aware, because of Covid-19 our 16th biennial symposium, HVTT16, has had to be postponed until September 4-7th, 2021.  Because of the ongoing uncertainty regarding international travel, the symposium will be held in a hybrid form with both in-person and on-line attendance options available.  All  the abstracts that have been submitted to date will be considered for the symposium (most authors have been notified of the status of their submission) but, because of the postponement we are opening the symposium for additional submissions.  The supplementary Call for Papers is can be downloaded here: Supplementary call for papers_HVTT16 Please note that even if you do not think that you will be able to attend the symposium in-person, the on-line option means that you will still be able to present your paper and participate in the symposium. Regards, John de Pont Scientific Chair, HVTT16

September 2020 Newsletter

Greetings from the Southern Hemisphere, Weather Report It is traditional in these newsletters to give a local weather report.  In New Zealand we have just moved into spring.  Daylight saving came into effect here last weekend.  The winter has been very mild here but in the last two weeks we have had a couple of storms.  These have been just a few days of rain and high winds but one of them has had a significant impact on our transport infrastructure.  Auckland, where I live, is New Zealand’s largest city and lies on an isthmus.  At the narrowest points, the distance between the west and east coast is less than three kms.  The main North-South highway crosses the harbour on an eight-lane bridge which carries 170,000 vehicles a day.  Two weeks ago during a storm, peak wind gusts of up to 127 km/h caused two trucks to be blown over...
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HVTT16 announcement

Dear friends of the HVTT Forum community, As we are all too painfully aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has made physical meetings and intercontinental travel very limited. The question is when intercontinental travel will be possible again and will be experienced as safe and trusted. For example, the Australian airline Qantas has canceled all its international flights until June 2021. Also the Olympic Games in Tokyo have been delayed until July 23 – August 8, 2021. We can only hope that in a year the situation will be different than now and that we will be able to meet each other again physically. We believe that it will be of great interest to everyone who is engaged in heavy vehicle transport & technology to visit China and to see the progress in the Chinese transport and logistics systems with fascinating innovations in a broad range of areas. Therefore it has been...
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June 2020 Newsletter

The impact of COVID 19 on road transportation in South America Hello to all, I write to you while working from home in Buenos Aires, a city about to enter its 100th day of quarantine. Weather-wise, we are supposed to be almost in winter, but I am still in a T-shirt. In my previous newsletter, I explained that many countries in the region underwent elections at the last quarter of 2019, then changed president between December and January. But January and February are summer holidays so mid-March was the time to start business. We were all getting ready when… the COVID19 virus started to spread badly, and we saw borders totally closed, leaving people and goods stranded on the way, until further decisions were made. The figure shows the different countries shut down, with the darker red representing more severe restrictions. Transport companies and truck drivers stepped up to the...
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April 2020 Newsletter

Dear HVTT Forum Subscribers, Postponement of HVTT16 In case you missed the announcement in a previous email, the HVTT16 Symposium that was planned to be held in Qingdao, China in October 2020 has been postponed. A new date will be determined and it is planned that this will be announced by the organisers on 15 July. Effect of panic-buying on the Australian supply chain The Australian road freight industry and regulating bodies have risen to the challenge of COVID-19. The industry has been a star performer amid the unprecedented panic-buying that cleared supermarket shelves to an extent many of us have never seen in our lifetimes. Citizens were assured that the lack of goods on the shelves was not so much a matter of ‘running out’ as it was a signal that our supply chain was stretched to its limit due to the spike in demand. The industry worked hard...
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March 2020 Newsletter

Dear HVTT Forum Subscribers, I hope this newsletter finds all of you and your families in good shape in these unusual times. Life here in Europe has changed significantly for most of us because of Covid pandemic. Schools and universities are mostly closed and education is being practiced as e-learning. People are encouraged to limit social contact and, if the profession allows, to work from home. To a certain extent it is rather pleasant as one has more time to spend with the family, though combining normal work duties with role of home teacher, especially for small children, requires some patience. Teleconferencing represents a special category of tools which became ‘’our daily bread’’ on a large scale. Personally, I do not find it that inconvenient as it keeps you focused on the topic, on the other hand it can develop into a rather high adrenaline event due to the unexpected...
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January 2020 Newsletter

Dear IFRTT subscriber It seems that every time I start to write an IFRTT newsletter there is an international crisis reaching the daily headlines. Currently the Coronavirus is of great concern – besides the rapidly increasing number of daily fatalities & infections and the impact on the economies of several countries, China in particular, there is the uncertainty of when (surely not “and if”) the virus will be brought under control. The devastating fires in Australia are also tragic from a number of perspectives. The weather in South Africa seems to be reasonably well-behaved at present; dam levels across the country are not critical but remain a concern at approximately 50%. Perhaps it is not the focus on water security but the focus on the importance of sustainability in transport that remains arguably low. An excerpt from the draft Green Transport Strategy for South Africa: “The Department of Transport is...
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December 2019 Newsletter

Dear IFRTT subscriber, As another calendar year draws to a close, it is my pleasure to share a few truck-related notes that have recently crossed my desk. In this issue of the newsletter, you’ll find information about ongoing work to quantify truck loads on infrastructure and the challenge of accommodating trucks in urban areas. Truck loads on infrastructure For those of you planning to attend the Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) in Washington DC next month, consider attending Workshop 1086: Employing Weigh-in-Motion Data to Design, Rate, Manage, and Preserve Our Nation’s Bridge Structures. This workshop brings together bridge and traffic data collection experts and practitioners to discuss how real-world truck weight data can be leveraged to reduce risk and more efficiently address bridge needs. The workshop features an overview of the bridge-related research needs identified in the 2019 TRB Consensus Study Report on Research to Support Evaluation...
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November 2019 Newsletter

Dear friends of the IFRTT, We are now less than one year away from the HVTT16 in Qingdao. I am painfully aware that too little information has been communicated so far, but there is hope! Now the promotion film has been updated and uploaded to Youtube: Have a look at it!! You will see a very dynamic country with regards to road transport and logistics. The promotion film may look like exaggerated advertising, but I can testify that it well reflects the reality in China. Please visit YouTube and share the video with your respective friend groups and please mention the dates for the HVTT16, October 13-16 2020 in Qingdao and the webpages below. The Chinese organizers, RIOH plan to invite many relevant stakeholders to the HVTT. Due to the Chinese digital firewall they prefer to put the webpage on a Chinese server, which is both rational and understandable....
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