February 2, 2023

January 2023 Newsletter

With freezing cold in North America and scorching heat in South America, why not travel to Central America! Central America acts as a major connector for cargo ships travelling from Asia on their way to Europe and to the Eastern USA. The Panama Canal provides a direct thruway particularly to container vessels, with the largest NeoPanamax vessel to cross in 2022 of 16,285 TEU (TEU is the unit of a 20-foot container). With the continuous increase in international trade, the idea of a dry canal (in Spanish “canal seco”) as an alternative to the Panama Canal has been developing from concept to potential reality in Central American countries since the late 90s. A canal seco usually involves the setting of a high-capacity rail connection between two ports, or a highway corridor. It is politically and economically attractive, because in comparison, it is faster to build than to construct a transoceanic...
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