March 1, 2021

February 2021 Newsletter

Dear HVTT Forum subscriber 2020 certainly was a crazy year, beyond most people’s wildest forecasts. And the prospects for 2021 remain very much uncertain. One of the more serious impacts of the COVID-19 virus on logistics’ costs (and truck drivers) in southern Africa was the transit times at border posts. Several the key border posts in the Region, such as those between South Africa and Zimbabwe (Beitbridge) and South Africa and Mozambique (Lebombo/Ressano Garcia), which are situated on two of the main freight corridors, are renowned for long delays for trucks. The COVID-19 screening protocols exacerbated the situation, and vehicle queues in some cases exceeded 15 km at the Beitbridge border post and 25 km on both sides of the Lebombo/Ressano Garcia border post. During one week in Dec 2020, 15 people died at Beitbridge due to a combination of the long delays and the high summer temperatures between 40...
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