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February 2024 Newsletter

Hello everyone,

February 10, 2024, is the traditional Chinese festival – Spring Festival. I would like to wish everyone a successful and prosperous new year.

In 2023, there were new changes in China’s transportation industry. The average daily cross-regional passenger flow reached 160 million people, and the daily volume of goods transportation exceeded 150 million tons. Additionally, 360 million parcels were collected each day. The use of new energy and clean energy equipment accelerated, with new energy vehicles accounting for 77.6% in the public transportation system. These achievements were supported by a robust transportation system and also reflect the vigorous driving force of China’s economy.

In January 2024, the State Council of China issued the “Opinions on Comprehensive Promotion of Beautiful China Construction,” which clearly planned to implement the carbon peak action in a step-by-step manner, striving to achieve carbon peak before 2030 and laying a foundation for carbon neutrality before 2060. It also emphasized the promotion of “railway and waterway over road” and the accelerated construction of dedicated railway lines to improve the level of clean transportation for bulk goods. The transformation of railway stations, civil airports, port terminals, and logistics parks into green facilities and the electrification of railways were also promoted. The application of ultra-low and near-zero emission vehicles and clean low-carbon applications for non-road mobile machinery were encouraged. By 2027, the proportion of new energy vehicles in the total number of new cars is expected to reach 45%, and old internal combustion engine cars will be phased out. The volume of intermodal transportation between ports and railways will maintain rapid growth. By 2035, the proportion of railway freight turnover in total turnover is expected to reach around 25%.

In the field of modular car trains, the Research Institute of Highway (RIOH) under the Ministry of Transport is currently conducting road tests in collaboration with two enterprises to verify the performance of the entire vehicle. At the same time, in October 2023, the State Council issued the “Opinions on Promoting the High-Quality Development of Inner Mongolia and Striving to Write a New Chapter of Chinese-Style Modernization.” This document requires the “study and application of modular transportation of road containers.” Currently, RIOH is working on specific plans with the Inner Mongolia Department of Transportation.

Furthermore, RIOH is currently writing a book about modular transport system to introduce the development, standards, regulations, and demonstration pilot projects of modular transport system in various countries. If anyone has good information or reference on this topic, please share it with me.

Thank you,

Hao Zhang

Vice President, Asia

HVTT Forum