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Anders Lundström

Dear IFRTT Forum subscriberAnders Lundstrom

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing away of our friend and fellow IFRTT Board member, Anders Lundström, at the age of 68.  A few months ago, Anders informed a few of his friends that he had been diagnosed with stomach cancer. During his last few months, one of our Board members, Erik Dahlberg, was in contact with him on a regular basis.  Anders continued to show interest in the technical and political developments related to transport and was less keen to talk about his own health. A few weeks ago his health deteriorated considerably and he passed away on 10 October.

Anders did so much for the IFRTT, including the introduction of visionary and innovative ideas. He impressed us all with his technical knowledge, humor and wisdom. During his time as IFRTT President, Anders provided strong leadership and the organisation is much the better for it.  He introduced the IFRTT newsletter and of course his wonderful descriptions of the local weather and how things changed through the seasons. This has become a tradition of the IFRTT newsletters. He was a kind and compassionate man with great intellect and a very wise view of the world. He had a sharp mind, always a twinkle in his eyes and was a great storyteller in the best Scandinavian tradition. He was particularly passionate about ensuring the inclusion of industry representatives in the IFRTT.  He will be sadly missed as a Board member and friend of the IFRTT.

The funeral will be held on 30 October in his home town of Limhamn, during the HVTT13 conference in San Luis, Argentina. A number of the Board members have indicated that the best way we can celebrate his life will be to have a magnificent conference, with muc         h debate and discussion, just as he would have wanted. And this is what we intend to do!

We at the IFRTT express our sympathies and condolences to his family and to his friends at Scania.

Paul Nordengen

IFRTT President