February 7, 2024

January 2024 Newsletter

Dear HVTT Forum community, This is somewhat of a first in HVTT Forum history: a monthly newsletter from the Information Officer! This was an idea which came out of discussions following HVTT17, and which I hope will be helpful in keeping the community informed of our ongoing digital activities. In keeping with HVTT newsletter conventions, I will include a few regional updates from the UK and, of course, a note on the weather. HVTT17 papers and photos First, I am very pleased to announce that all papers presented at HVTT17 in Brisbane are now available for download on our website here. The search box lets you quickly filter by first author, paper title, or session number. For more advanced searching our website-wide search function is always available which will search through all material including paper contents and the newsletter archive. (This is accessed via the magnifying glass icon on the...
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