October 3, 2023

September 2023 Newsletter

Dear HVTT Forum family  I’m writing to you from Sydney, Australia, where we’re experiencing a warm beginning to Spring (more on this later).  With only a handful of weeks to go before Technology Convergence 2023 – the joint conference of the 17th International Symposium for Heavy Vehicle Transport & Technology (HVTT17) and the  9th International Conference on Weigh-In-Motion (ICWIM9) – you’ll need to forgive me for making it a focus of this newsletter.  The final countdown to Technology Convergence 2023 Technology Convergence 2023 is now only five weeks away!  After two years of planning and behind-the-scene activities, we’re on the cusp of hosting a global conference which will showcase the latest research, knowledge, and developments aimed at advancing the management of heavy vehicles, roads and freight.  As you’ll recall, the decision to hold HVTT17 and ICWIM9 together into a single conference leverages the strong and long-standing relationships between the International...
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