November 20, 2020

New PBS/prescriptive legislation for high performance vehicles in Uruguay

Signed by the President of the Republic of Uruguay on November 12th, the Decree N°303/2020 of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP) authorising the circulation of High Performance Road Heavy Vehicles (Vehículos de transporte de cargas de Alto Desempeño, VAD in Spanish). was published yesterday and can be accessed, in Spanish, here. In time, I hope to translate it into English and share it with you. The legislation is the result of a joint work between consultants with professional independence and proven international experience in Performance-Based Standards (PBS) and prescriptive legislation, local authorities with technical and legislative knowledge, a responsible business sector and a strong political will for the advancement of the development and implementation of a sustainable road transport legislation. Collaboration from the Inter-American Development Bank was key too. I have written a little about how this work was progressing in my September 2019 newsletter, and the...
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